Meet the Team

Stephen Sumner

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Qualifications – Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, BA Hons Sports Development

Training style – Educational and motivational.

Favourite exercise – Burpee and Battle ropes

Ste has already gained himself a reputation for a tough class, despite the toughness, members love his Spin classes.

Ste teaches a variety of classes here at Oakhill and he delivers them all with enthusiasm. If you book onto Ste’s classes you’ll be sure to have a great workout.

Plus he’s also available to help you through one to one PT sessions.

Leah Carter

Fitness Instructor 

QualificationsLevel 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, TRX, Spin, Circuit Training, Kettlebells  

Training style – Support your potential  

Favourite exercise – Resistance Training  

I stumbled across fitness quite late on, so I know age is not a hurdle. I attended bootcamps to which I was asked to teach.  I loved teaching and helping people achieve their goals, so I decided to study for my personal training qualifications.  

My passion excelled when I decided to compete in bodybuilding. Slightly overweight and not knowing if it was achievable, I took on an 8-month transformation to stage.  

I was challenged from every corner, but the experience taught me that anything is possible.  

My aim is to help people achieve their goals and realise their potential.  

Millie Coy

Fitness Instructor & Les Mills Instructor

Qualifications – Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Les Mills BODYPUMP qualified.

Training style – Bubbly and energetic but still works you hard.

Favourite exercise – Front squats and core exercises.

I’m Millie, I’ve completed my studies in sports fitness and personal training after three years at college. I have also completed my level 2 fitness instructing qualification.

Sport has always been in my life as I started athletics from a very young age. For 11years I have been competing and winning a couple of titles along the way. I was Lancashire Champion for Javelin and Northern Champion for Javelin in 2019 and more recently this year 2022. 400 hurdles was another accomplishment where I won Lancashire champion also in 2019.

I’ve always had a passion for sports and staying fit and healthy. My classes are enjoyable and beneficial for everyone!

Ola (Aleksandra) Czerwinska

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Qualifications – Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Enhanced circuits, Enhanced Kettlebells, Enhanced Boxing, Functional Training, Enhanced programme design.

I was a fitness class participant for many years before I become a trainer myself. I’ve tried many different classes from Pilates & yoga to kickboxing & CrossFit. I’m a big fan of functional strength training and mobility exercises – which all improve our day to day life.

High Intensity Interval Training was the topic of my masters degree thesis so adding HIIT based classes like Circuits and Spin to your routine is also something I would recommend for health and performance.

My personal fitness goal is physical and psychological wellbeing – simply feeling energised after the workout! Following the rule “stay fit for life, not just for summer” 😉

Nutrition, especially related to a healthy gut, is my other hobby, as I struggle myself with some food intolerances.

If you would like to improve your mobility, strengthen your muscles and feel more energy on a daily basis, come to my classes or try a 1-to-1 personal training session with me!

On another note entirely,  I would also appreciate any good book recommendations (popular science, thriller novels) 🙂

Chris Clark

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Qualifications – Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, First Aid

Training style – Tough – I’m ex army so get ready for intensity.

Favourite exercise – Bench press … chest day is the best day

Quitting is not in the blood, but a mental state that we overcome to achieve results!

In fitness there is no magic wand! You have to dig deep with determination and aggression to achieve your goals.

My aim, having experience as a former soldier and track athlete is to help people progress to their next level in fitness.

Too many people forget the fundamentals and the basics of how to train and get lost in social influence without proper guidance, motivation or results.

I qualified as a personal trainer to give the physical and mental strength to be the best version of yourself.